Thursday, February 2, 2012

Math Vocabulary from K-12 Can Be Reviewed Here In Many Formats!

Math at all levels is loaded with academically challenging vocabulary. ELLs often times struggle with the words and that issue throws up roadblocks to learning. Time needs to be spent building language supports within the math class (of any level from basics to calculus) to assist ELLs in accessing the information.

Here WORD MAPS are effective. Students can see connections of key terms to key concepts. Examples added can further expand their understanding of the lesson. Leaving these graphic organizers in key places within the classroom for easy reference makes working with math word problems less intimidating.

WORD WALLS are also very effective learning tools for students. Again, they can be used for any subject, but with math, they play an integral part in making content accessible for students who are not proficient in English yet. Once you have them, leave them up for students to refer to as needed and you will see their confidence soar.

has added an extensive section on math vocabulary (basics through calculus K-12 and beyond). The vocabulary was taken from the Math Common Core Standards so they can be used in any district in the country. Here students can hear the words read to them, have the program test them on the words, play games with the words, match definitions to the words, etc. Again, nothing takes the place of solid instruction, but here your ELLs might benefit from spending some time building self-confidence in identifying those words through multiple approaches as this site provides.

I hope you enjoy it:) Remember also that vocabulary from ANY subject area can be used with this site, but the math component is brand new!



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