Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Safe Search Engine Designed by Kids for Kids:)

If you are an elementary school teacher, you probably worry about the sites kids may run into when doing assignments on the internet. Though the ideal is to create a bank of safe websites for students before they enter the lab, it is not always possible since many teachers have limited access to school computer labs. Often times, teachers need to reserve access to the lab far in advance to make sure that their students will be able to use it. Since the lab must be scheduled ahead of time, it may be difficult to predict all the issues kids may have in doing the research. Sometimes, this may lead to them stumbling in the wrong site and that wastes valuable time.

One resource for elementary school (and possibly middle school) is Kid Rex. It is a search engine designed BY KIDS FOR KIDS. Parents will definitely appreciate this as well since inappropriate materials have been removed. KID REX will become a favorite of both teachers and parents alike.

It is also possible to create your own search engine (Google) and I will put together a "how-to" for that in the next two months:)




  1. KidzSearch.com is a good resource used by many public schools. It is relies on Google SafeSearch, but also filters "adult" search terms for added protection.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It is my hope that other schools around the country will use it as well.