Sunday, September 25, 2011

"I AM" Poem--Many Uses and for All Subject Areas

How many of you have always wanted your students to really understand the way a character felt or an historical figure? If the answer is yes, this is a tool that might inspire them to look a bit deeper in what made that person arrive at a riveting decision. For ELLs, this tool will open the door to their using far more descriptive vocabulary than they usually do (with some support from the teacher).

What is unique about this site is that once the student has finished plugging in the words that best fit the assigned task, s/he only has to click "print" and the poem is ready to turn in to the teacher. Now, if computer access is an issue, the teacher only has to print out one copy and make class sets of it to pass out to students.

Another advantage for ELLs is that they are allowed to focus all their skills on uncovering key descriptors as opposed to analyzing dense text. That being said, students are not just looking for words, but rather key vocabulary that will fully convey the emotions or feelings the assignment calls for. Here, though the teacher is one form of support, other classmates can easily provide additional feedback in trying to find just the right word:)

In addition, once the poem is finished, students can illustrate it with images that surround the character about whom the poem is written. Such visuals on just the right paper would make the poems beautiful submissions to a class book!

Here is the site: "I AM" POEM.

I hope you like this one.



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