Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do You Like to Use Timelines in Your Classes?

Timelines are excellent instructional tools to use in classes of all subjects and grade levels. For ELLs, these instructional supports allow them to more easily access content, write a chronologically organized paragraph/essay, organize notes from a lesson or text, supports for presentations, etc. Creating them as part of a lesson opens up the door to constructive small group work where ELLs have many opportunities to develop their conversational as well as writing skills in a low stress environment with peers.

If this sounds like an activity you might like, go to LIFE MAGAZINE. There you will see not only timelines submitted by many individuals on periods that were important to them, but will also be presented with the opportunity to create your own using images from Life (after creating an account which takes less than 1 minute and is free) OR your own. The finished product can easily be saved.

So, if you want students to write personal narratives, this might be a place to start:)


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