Thursday, September 29, 2011

How Would You Like to Make Studying Grammar Fun!

Can learning grammar ever be fun? As teachers, we feel comfortable using it and trying to teach it, but often times, students rarely exhibit much excitement over learning it. So how can we make the pill easier to swallow for them?

Online grammar games are everywhere, but the THE GAME ZONE is definitely one of a kind. It covers not only grammar, but word building, spelling, parts of speech, nouns, word parts, affixes, etc. Everything is here and due to the game format, students learn without being consciously aware of it.

Try it out yourself before you put your students on it. This way you will know which games are instructional and which ones aren't. Also, some of the activities are for elementary while others are for high school. Send the link home to parents as well so that they will know that the games are educational in nature and not purely fun with no purpose.




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