Thursday, October 6, 2011

FREE Educational Games in ALL Subjects and Grade Levels!

If you are looking for a fun reinforcement of the key concepts in your lessons, you will want to take a look at EZ SCHOOL Subscription is free. For students who use it on a regular basis, subscription might be worth it since they will be kept current on updates and additions to the site.

What will students find on the site? E-books from beginning through advanced (lower elementary). Students have the choice to read the books on their own OR to have the books read to them. ELLs especially will benefit from having the books read to them since their listening skills often develop before their other language skills.

Another great item is their section on study tools. I clicked on the one for grades 6-12 and found them to be great practice for word forms (affixes), antonyms, synonyms, parts of speech, and much more. This type of reinforcement could raise test scores if you are being inundated with official state testing as we are in the United States.

If you only have access to one computer in your room, keep this site and some of the others I have written about here and on ELL TEACHER PROS facebook page. Your one computer can be your technology center within your classroom. Have the activity sites ready to go and geared to the level of students who will go there and you will have very happy excited students who are enthusiastic about learning ANYTHING you want to teach them!

When teachers find a variety of engaging activities to motivate students to retain information, they will find a more than willing audience. Straight lecture is generally the least effective in inspiring students to value what they are being taught.



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