Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ice-breaker Ideas for the Start of the School Year:)

With the new school year right around the corner and a new group of students to welcome into our classes, it is time to think about some fun ways to ease their anxiety and establish a supportive classroom community. Though it seems that every teacher has some already successful approaches here, it never hurts to occasionally try something different. This is good for both the teacher and the students:)

Activities such as the ones in this link build that supportive classroom environment that is so necessary for ELLs especially. Having to function in a language that you are not that knowledgeable of can be a bit intimidating. However, spending the first few days really getting to know your students through highly engaging fun activities is time well spent since it will make ALL students feel welcome. This leads to a good year for all.

Please note that you will need to find the activities that work for your grade level. The choices range from elementary through university. All the activities will definitely please all age groups and grade levels.


Have fun deciding which one you will kick off the new school year with and, if you like, share here how it went:)

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