Friday, July 29, 2011

Fifty of the World's Most Famous Landmarks:)

If you teach geography, world history, foreign cultures, art, math or archeology, you will want to use this site as a visual supplement to any lesson tied to those subjects. These photos can built into a power point with ease. The visuals will truly capture the attention of any student, and, for ELLs, will provide visuals to connect the lesson to with ease. Imagine using the pictures of the pyramids to discuss geometry or the Statue of Liberty to discuss the history of immigration through the halls of Ellis Island. onPictures are truly powerful. Students could also be assigned research projects on any of the monuments. This type of activity would involve reading, writing, researching, and a dash of creativity in pulling it all together. Another idea is printing out some of the photos to decorate the classroom. Each offers an opportunity for students to talk, share, discover!

Fifty famous world landmarks

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