Saturday, July 24, 2010

Care for some back to school web2.0 materials for your classes?

My website, www.ellteacherpros.com, is dedicated to those of us who teach. Our supporters are growing (21,000 hits in 19 months and GROWING). Every month we send out a newsletter with one recommended site and suggestions for its use. Our old issues are in archives which anyone can access. However, to have access to the newsletter at the start of the month, you need to subscribe.

For August, I have found 9 incredibly awesome sites that will help teachers squeak by on a shoestring budget and STILL wow kids:)

Here is a sample of the upcoming newsletter:

www.hotchalk.com 4,000 + free lessons are here. The free version also has a video library including material from National Geographic, PBS, etc. One feature I personally like is the classroom management program. In it, I set up my classes along with lessons, quizzes, and project DUE DATES. I give students passwords (their student IDs). When we do work here, it is all electronic along with cut-off dates. Students can only submit once and no work is admitted after the cut-off date. Now, admittedly there are quite a few ads, but it once off the home page, the ads are infrequent. If you don’t have this type of instructional support at your site, you might want to try this one out. You will need to register.


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  1. I meant to include the following also:


    Here you have FREE access to Microsoft WORD, POWER POINT, EXCEL, and NOTE PAD.

    You should save $149 here by not having to buy the teacher/student version of Microsoft Office:)