Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NEA is now hosting a blog on FREE stuff for teachers:)

This was a warm welcome in an economy with money essentially drying up for schools. The RIFs have been especially hard on new teachers. They thought they would keep their positions forever and their kids loved them. Alas, such is not the case. Adding to the human loss is the lack of funds to fully support the delivery of a quality education to those students in public schools. With this hemorrhaging of public education, teachers need to work wonders with zippo!

In this arena of misery, NEA (National Education Association) has created a public educator blog for teachers to share information on doing wonders with little. The site is "http://public-groups.nea.org/discussion/forum/show/154294". If you would like to ease the burden a bit and have a website or idea that could help a teacher, please sign up and share. Times are harsh for everyone...especially for the students we serve.



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