Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is the Summer almost over? :(

My summer has been spent teaching, attending professional development workshops, trying to find a marketing source for my two books, updating my website, finishing up writing online course proposals for school districts, writing newsletters, doing some fix-it projects in my home, and FINALLY finding time to read a book:) I am sure I am not alone in this area. Those ill-informed who believe that teachers work only 6 hours a day and have summers off do NOT know any teachers. The overwhelming majority of us are always looking for new ways to inspire kids to want to learn. We spend the vast majority of our time off trying to take personal inventories of what we need to upgrade, toss, or replace. This summer has been grueling with layoffs and funding for public schools gone. So, a good part of my summer has been spent trying to find FREE internet tools to use with my students next school year. Since I will have two sections of kids who are performing at below basic and far below basic on the CSTs (California's annual assessment of student academic performance statewide), I have been looking for non-traditional (but fun) ways to motivate them to want to write. I may even bring in my writing book as supplemental material since every activity I used from it got kids energized about writing.

Now, as to a REAL vacation, I may be able to squeeze a 4 day trip somewhere:) Any suggestions out there in cyberland:)



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