Saturday, June 18, 2016

Welcome Summer Vacation!


This post is a little later than usual since we figured that most teachers were busy packing up, clearing out their rooms, and turning in grades.  At this point, vacations have finally started!

With the end of another year, there is a need to recharge batteries so to speak.

So let us look at ways teachers can recharge their souls:).

Free Spirit offers 10 tips to get started. More likely than not, these suggestions might not be new though many may not have fully.  Teachers tend to see their own needs after the need of others have been addressed.  It is what we do.  So this summer, why not reprioritize a bit.

1.     Plan a trip.  It could be a weekend getaway, a trip to another state, a voyage overseas, etc.  The goal is to be in a totally new environment minus stress-a place where the teacher is pampered for a change.  Expedia.com, Hotels.com, NEA, STA (Student Travel Association—Use International Teacher Identification Card), Discount Travel for Teachers (lots of local deals here), etc. are just a few sites with discounted rates for educators.  Immersing one’s self in something new and exciting can be a fully invigorating activity (also many great opportunities for fantastic selfies).  
2.     Build a garden.  This is my third year of doing this and I find it truly relaxing.  Also, since I am growing veggies and some fruit, I am eating healthier-lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and strawberries.  
3.     Continue to stay active!  Walk, go to the gym, do some yoga, jog, or run.  Stay active and to make it fun, tie exercise to an app (I use FITBIT, MAP MY WALK, FITNESS PAL).  With these apps, users can earn awards and that is a motivator.
4.     Experiment with AUDIO BOOKS.  Amazon charges $14.95 per month and with each month, users earn a CREDIT which allows them to order ANY book with that credit no matter what the cost (my first one was $75.00).

In Sue Gruber’s REST, RELAX, RECHARGE, teachers will find additional ways to take care of themselves over the break.

1.     Take time to get together with friends.  A little laughter is very good for the soul.  Try movies, walks through the mall or park, having coffee at a café, do lunch, or just hang out in each other’s homes.  
2.     Build into the daily schedule some quiet time.  It is very calming.  I do it every day just to relax.  I will often listen to music or do crossword puzzles.
3.     Try to enjoy every day of the summer break in any way that seems appealing. 

Have a great summer!  Our July newsletter will go out just after the 4th.

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