Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yeah--The Year Is Slowly Coming to an End:)


Hello everyone!  There are only another 6 or so weeks left to the school year with probably just a handful of students who might need some support in ending the school year on a positive note.  This is especially important with English language learners who have spent the year not only tackling the course content but also the language.  The focus in this newsletter will therefore be dedicated to offering some last minute tips on helping your ELLs finish the year on a positive note.

Many teachers give final exams to their students.  May is often spent preparing students for the finals.  Here are some ideas that are popular and effective:

  1. If teachers have had students keep notebooks throughout the year, they might consider letting them use their binders for their finals.Students who have religiously maintained their binders throughout the year will feel rewarded for their diligent work habits.
  2. Teachers often have success with having students (in teacher organized groups) lead study sessions for the class.When the students are responsible for creating review lessons for their classmates, they become class experts on their assigned area in the process.The technique used to deliver the lesson is left up to the students (power point, video, games, visuals, etc.). This approach is a highly effective review process.As the class listens to peer review lessons, they take notes on student created study sheets.Again, teachers might consider allowing students to use these review sheets on their final exams.
  3. Another popular review/final exam prep technique for teachers is to have students create a study card (index card).On it, students write everything they think that they will need for the final and then bring it to class on the day of the examination.
  4. Final examinations may also be broken up in a couple of class periods.For example, students might take a multiple choice on one day and then on another day take the writing component.
  5. Create a final exam game such as BINGO or JEOPARDY where, after participation rules are established, the entire class is actively involved in the review process.

Below are some websites with even more ideas to help students review and retain for finals:

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Have a great Memorial Day break!

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