Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello Spring! Now to Re-energize Students By Stimulating Creativity in Just 5 Minutes a Day:)

Oh beautiful March!  Spring will soon be in the airJ. With that happy thought in mind, this newsletter is dedicated to igniting student interest on issues outside of the traditional curriculum.

Edutopia’s article on making curiosity a integral part of the classroom setting is well worth a read.  Imagine a student’s face walking into a classroom and seeing this.
Of course, we know that there is no up and down in space, but most students will have the reaction that the map is “upside down.”  Questions would quickly surface as to WHY the map of the world was never given as this and WHO benefited from it. 

In a science class, why not have a picture of fully bloomed flowers in February-two months early due to climate change or shots of Boston under several feet of snow?  Pull shots from National Geographic or the internet to have students review and

In a history or social studies class, why not a photo such as this one.  What messages can they pull from these images?  Is discrimination still a problem in schools today? 

(Racism 1)

(Racism 2)

The list of items to bring in is probably endless.  You know your students as well as what items would peak their interest.  Such activities would not take a class period.  It might only take a few minutes and would intellectually energize them for the lessons that followJ

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