Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabulous February--A History Bonanza:)

 It was our intention to have information on Quizlets a wonderful site that helps you form “flashcards” for your learners which can be used both for teaching and review.  There are a number of games on the site that give variety to studying.  However, the time to develop a quality newsletter about the site passed too quickly and so, we will cover it in a later edition.

Since I have been unable to meet that assignment, I spent time looking for interesting resources for Presidents’ Day for all grade levels.  I was thinking that having M.L. King Jr Day as background, the exploration of the social justice aspects of Lincoln’s & Washington’s presidencies would be a great continuation.  However, there was little I could find that compared the three men so I decided to go with information on each of the presidents separately, and in comparison where I could.

All Three:
The Freedom Three:  Song about Washington, Lincoln & King

Contributions of People who Defended American Principles

Both Presidents:

Lincoln & Washington, 2nd grade lesson plan

Comparing Lincoln & Washington personalities more than politics

President’s Day Activities, K-6

President’s Day Activities, 6-8

Internet for Classrooms: Presidents’ Day links

George Washington:

Washington Quotes:

Washington Theme Lessons:

Elementary Lessons:

Secondary Resource:

Abraham Lincoln
Bulleted general Information
Short reading passages about his life and career

Lincoln theme Lessons

Lincoln Quotes:

Secondary Resource:
Bulleted general information

We hope you find resources among these sites to help you plan lessons for February.

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