Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Share the "Craziness" of the English Language With ELLs Through 4 Fun Videos

How often do students complain about the difficulties in trying to learn English?  Teachers try to be sympathetic, but there is no easy way to mastering the tongue.  Some of the "pain" can be dealt with by humor such as "i before e except after c" cartoon below:)
Other issues need repeated reinforcement such as "there, they're, their."  Of course, teachers post wall charts and posters throughout the room, but still, it takes time for students to fully internalize the many oddities of English.

Well, from time to time, teachers do find ways to ease the frustration.  One approach is through  videos on some of the fun facts about English.  In these clips from T.E.D-ED, teachers will be able to share fun facts such as why DOUBT has a B.  This can lead to bringing in backgrounds on other English words with bizarre spellings (ex. knight--silent K, G, and H).  Such information most students are intrigued by.  Examples such as these are proof positive that English is living language.  In fact, when time allows, teachers can explain that the English language has over 650,000 words in it due to the tendency of English speakers to take vocabulary directly from other languages (solo, rendez-vous, laissez faire, Arabic numerals, etc.). 

English spelling will also be addressed.  Here the structure of words are explored along with their history.  How did English become the language it is today?  Clip 3 addresses that.  And last, the question of who invented writing.

I hope your students enjoy the content.  I know I did:)

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