Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make Any Lesson Come to Life in Your Classroom!

Everyone knows that for students to truly understand lesson content, they must be actively engaged in the learning process in ways that address all learning styles.  To pull this off successfully, teachers must monitor student understanding regularly throughout a lesson in creative ways-ways that hold all students accountable for learning.  Regular checks for understanding keep all students alert and on their toes since they know that not only might they be called on once, but possibly more than once so it is necessary for all students to stay focused:)

Look at this turn to your partner activity from The Teaching Channel.  Notice how every student is on task and enjoying the assignment.  Note how the teacher monitors progress, intercedes when necessary, motivates strugglers, and ensures that all are actively engaged in the assignment.  Though the teacher makes the turn-to-your-partner activity look easy, it wasn't.  Rather it was the result of regular practice until all students knew what was expected of them and delivered.

Another approach which should be part of every lesson is an engaging effective HOOK.  The hook grabs student attention, plants the "seed" for the upcoming lesson, and sets students up to experience success with the lesson.  In this video from the Teaching Channel, a break-up letter sets the stage for the writing of the Declaration of Independence!  Note the giggling:)

One last suggestion is to never be afraid to add some humor:)  


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