Monday, February 3, 2014

Great Ideas On Using PINTEREST In The Classroom:)

Pinterest is developing a major following nowadays and not for foods and party refreshments:)  It offers incredibly rich resources for teachers, students, and classrooms.  These resources on the surface seem to be just photos, but with a click on the photos, the reader is taken to websites that provide extensive information on the photo.  Further, teachers can find materials for every content area and grade level.

As an avid pinner (my username is dmcyberteacher and email denise@ellteacherpros.com), I have 33 virtual boards and 30 of them are all subject boards (1,035 followers to date):  social studies, mathematics, English literature, science, French, Spanish, educational technology, English language learners, space, instructional strategies, and more.  Here is my mathematics board to give you an idea of what subject boards look like. 

As an instructional coach part of the day, I make it a point to share such information with educators who have English language learners in their classes.  Using this site provides those absolutely key visuals which make content instruction accessible for them. 

Further, teachers can collaborate with like discipline instructors and share/exchange pins.  Many times, teachers put up their own original materials, worksheets, charts, etc.  Some teachers collect pins from all teachers invited to join a given board.  I belong to the Spanish and French language boards and submit pins regularly to them. 

This link on pinterest provides 37 ways for teachers to achieve maximum benefit from the site.  See what works for you.  I guarantee that you will seriously consider joining the thousands of us already pinning for our students:)

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