Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Design Graphic Organizers to Support ELLs in Your Classes---FOR FREE!

With English language learners in practically every classroom and at every grade level throughout the United States, teachers need to create scaffolding devices to support student efforts to derive meaning from content.  Though there are many ready to print graphic organizers available on the internet, not all fit equally in any given lesson.  So what is a teacher to do?  COOL TOOLS to the rescue:)

Within COOL TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS,  teachers are offered a wide variety of online tools to develop their own graphic organizers to meet the specific needs of the students in their classes.  Differentiation is done with ease and all designs created can be saved for later use. 

I see myself using DIAGRAMMR with my low intermediate students in class, but I also see it working with ELLs in more advanced English classes as they try to incorporate more complex sentence structure into their writing, dissect more complex sentences to better understand the content, and edit their written work before it is handed in for grading.


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