Monday, October 7, 2013

More Strategies to Monitor Student Understanding:)

How can teachers be sure that 80% of the students in their classes follows the lesson?  When can a teacher assign homework knowing students are fully prepared to do it?  How can a teacher know when a student is struggling?  The answer to all of the above is ongoing monitoring through formative assessments aka checks for understanding.  Though this topic has been addressed in this blog before, it never hurts to have a few more instructional monitoring tools in the teacher tool belt.

So here is one site with a new look at how to check for understanding for ELLs in all classes.  Simply check on an activity used in the class, and see it can be adjusted, expanded, or scaffolded for ELLs in mainstream classes with ease.  The descriptions of the approaches are short but thorough.  Further, there are additional instructional weblinks embedded throughout. 

This last list, more easy to implement checks for understanding, offers 11 approaches that are quite popular at many grade levels in all disciplines.  Note that none of the approaches are new. They are still actively used throughout classrooms everywhere because they are easy to implement and kids love them!



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