Thursday, October 10, 2013

Map Resources for Free!

Interpreting maps, charts, and graphs is part of many school subjects:  geography, science, social studies, economics, etc.  Often times, teachers spend many hours online trying to find just the right map or maps to drive home a key concept of a planned lesson.  Handouts and powerpoints are often used. Often times, students try to stay attentive, but this engagement can be limited.

So how can teachers reverse the trend?  Try GEO COMMONS!  Teachers can create maps addressing almost any topic being addressed or use maps already there.  Data can be easily uploaded into map design on over 20 subject areas.  Teachers might also consider having students generate their own maps as class projects.  This is a major shift from the popular powerpoint!

Registration is required, but it is a free site.  Maps created can also be saved for future use!



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