Monday, October 14, 2013

9 Methods to Provide More Effective Feedback to Student Writing:)

Very few English language learners find the writing process in English a challenge.  The same can be said for the average native speakers of English.  The simple act of writing anything academic in nature is often seen as a painstaking process.  So what are teachers to do to change attitudes and, by doing so, raise self-confidence in accomplishing this crucial skill?  The red pen/pencil is not the way to go.

The article, "9 Ways to Give (More Effective) Writing Feedback", provides some very creative approaches to nurture students through the writing process.  Each of these 9 suggestions could easily be woven into any writing instruction with ease. 

I have used 2 (for me 2) stars and a wish.  In fact, this is done through a gallery walk where writings are posted around the room and students, with post-it notes, find 2 things they liked in a student's writing and 1 area where they wish they had more information. 

Creating little mini-lessons personalizes the writing experience.  Teachers identify unique writing problems that some students have and then design little 2 minute mini-lessons to address those errors.  This can be done at the teacher's desk as a "conference."  Students really enjoy that one-on-one time with the teacher.  Embarrassment is never an issue here since it is a conversation between the teacher and the student only.

Bring in peer editing.  My policy is that I am the 3rd reader of a student's work---never the first.  Students seem to be a bit more attentive to writing when they know that their classmates will read their work before I do:)

The article has additional suggestions.  Add them to what you already do and see student attitude towards writing change for the better:)

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