Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrate America's Diversity Throughout the Year!

As America's population becomes increasingly diverse, schools should find creative ways to address the contributions of minorities throughout all their subject areas.  If teaching physics, weave in contributions from all ethnic groups to the field for example.  This approach is very effective in building the self-esteem of children from these groups. For these students, if they never see people who look like them, they can never really imagine themselves being economically successful in life beyond school. 

Here is an overview of some of America's biggest minorities.  There are links within each group (Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos/as, and Irish-Americans) to videos and excellent support materials for any grade level or content area.  America's diversity 

Below are lists of specific famous individuals from each of the ethnic groups in this post. Such information can be pulled from in the planning of lessons so that every child feels proud of his/her ethnic group and its contributions to America.

Famous Native Americans.

Famous African Americans.

Famous Latinos/as in all fields.

Famous Asian-Americans.

Famous Irish-Americans.

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