Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Common Core ELA Lesson on Text Analysis for 12th Graders

Common core will demand lots of text analysis from all disciplines covering informational and non-informational reading materials.  Schools will be preparing students for life beyond high school--university and/or the global workforce.  It is hoped that such challenging material will eliminate the need for remedial college English and math classes.

This video clip on  text analysis is set in a 12th grade classroom in California.  Note how the teacher has the students engaged from almost the very start of the lesson.  The warm up is one that provides time for students to read, reflect ,and then compose text-based questions which they would like to have addressed in the class.  With common core, the teacher will not be running the class 90% of the time.  Instead, the role of the educator will be to facilitate as students discuss and explore their chosen concerns in small groups (notice excellent classroom management--students know what they have to do and perform as per teacher expectations).  Once this small group activity is completed, students must select one question from the group which might be posed to the entire class. Notice how all the students are actively engaged in answering those student generated questions (many of which the teacher said she would have written herself, but when they come from students, the students are more interested).  The teacher then goes to symbols, but again watch how she has them identify symbols as she reads.  They then go into meaning or their interpretation of them.

Great example of a common core lesson:)



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