Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

In this century, the use of technology should play an integral part of any classroom, in any content area, and at any grade level. Teachers should be including its use throughout the day regardless of the subject taught because students are already quite familiar with it, and, in many cases,  they may be more proficient in its use than some teachers are.  This scenario should not intimidate a teacher.  In fact, teachers will be empowering students by validating student expertise in this area and involving them in the class activities as "assistants" :) 

So how does a teacher handle the use of technology in a classroom?  How does a teacher keep students focused without wasting time?  Well, such a setting still calls into play the usual classroom management routines just with a technology segment:) 

Teachers use technology to enhance learning.  It should never distract.  The lesson plans are clearly followed with allowances made for  those occasional times when tech glitches surface.  Teachers comfortable with tech think on their feet and tend to student needs with ease. In fact, such teachers are pros at adapting without disrupting class routines.  To be fully prepared, such teachers are always two steps ahead of students.  They have fully prepared for a wide range of possible tech/internet site problems and in so doing, have already planned out various ways to solve almost any tech issue that arises in the class.

The infographic offers more descriptions of what effective teachers do with technology.  Enjoy:)



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