Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turn the Writing Process for Students Into a Major Publishing Event---Bring in Blogging as Part of Class Routine:)

Often times, when teachers start to address the writing process with their students, they face a classroom of uninspired students:)  The traditional paper and pencil approach is needed of course from time to time, but those tools could definitely benefit from a little 21st century technology.  After all, students are already using the internet daily through laptops, iPads, and smartphones so why not bring the familiar into the classroom to work to the teacher's benefit?  This approach to writing will energize kids as they find out that what they create will be published online for all the world to see.  This will be a worldwide audience extending far beyond the walls of the classroom:)

If teachers are a bit hesitant about trying it due to a lack of familiarity, they will benefit from reviewing this chart.  Class blogs are great starting points since the teacher can maintain control over what does and does not get posted.  Further, this vehicle allows the teacher to model the process with student input.  As the students explore the features (pluses and minuses) of a blog, they build the confidence to try blogging for the teacher on their own (on school related assignments which the teacher would have some control over).  Parents would need to be involved here.  Their permission would be called for in many districts. 

So where should a teacher look for blogging platforms?  Here is a link which offers some of the best ones out there. Teachers should explore them all to see which one feels most comfortable for them to work with in their classes. 

Last, but not least, 8 REASONS why teachers should include blogging in their classrooms.



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