Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaching Students How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation!

With common core math lessons, teachers will need to build into lessons real world applications.  One area in this domain that will finally get the attention it deserves is financial literacy.  All too often, students possess a very limited knowledge of life beyond high school especially in areas of money related issues such as rent, mortgage, college expenses, car payments, credit cards, budgets, etc.  Even young children can benefit from learning to budget their allowances.  The goal should be that in every school and at every grade financial IQs are sharpened.  Khan Academy and the Bank of America have risen to the challenge in addressing this critical need in young people.

To use this free resource, students will need to set up accounts.  In fact, teachers may wish to share the site with parents.  Many adults are using the site to see how much they remember from high school and college.  Bill Gates even spends time there:)  The videos are well done and do not contain any distracting items.  Further, if teachers like flipping their classroom, they can assign the "lecture" to do at home and the "homework" to be done in school.  Students who struggle with the lecture (students take mini-checks along the way which the teacher can monitor from home) can come to school the next day knowing that the teacher can help.   While for those who encountered no problems can proceed on to more challenging assignments.

Try it out.  Your students will thank you for it:)



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