Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick Assessment Strategies From S.I.O.P. (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Provide Access to Language and Content for ALL

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol is an instructional program aimed at English language learners at all levels of English proficiency including long term ELLs.  Though geared to English language learners, all students would benefit from the many tools employed in SIOP to deliver solid understanding of content and boost use of academic vocabulary/writing.  Accountability is held throughout any lesson through creative ongoing checks for understanding and quality quick assessments.

How does SIOP live up to its reputation?  Take a look at successful and easy to implement assessments for a clear view of the effectiveness of these strategies in the classroom.  Though a great deal of prep on the teacher's part is involved since 90% of the time students should be actively using language as they delve through content, the prep time is worth it since students make amazing jumps in both language and grade level content mastery.  THIS approach is what Common Core is aiming at in the new curriculum. 

Remember as stated before in this blog, implementing common core lessons will not necessitate throwing out strategies used in the past, but rather applying a different focus in their use:)


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