Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 MUST-Have Apps for Secondary Students

With so many students now having smart phones, schools should consider allowing their use in the classroom (with rules of course).   With the wealth of academic apps on the market, students could have at their fingertips support for most of the major non-elective courses required in high school.  Such ready access would be especially beneficial for students who need just a little more time to process demanding course lesson content.

Here is a list of the apps:

1.  Chemistry with wikipedia links for in-depth explanations of topics students may need more information on.
2.  Essentials by AccelaStudy -- study tool for learning foreign languages.
3.  Evernote Peek--create study flash cards for any subject area.
4.  Frog Dissection-vivid 3d virtual dissection of frogs for those who feel uncomfortable with working with living ones.
5.  Graphing Calculator-such calculators are very expensive, but not this APP:)
6.  Math Formulas-over 100 math formulas for all levels of high school math including statistics.
7.  Easel SAT Prep Lite-lower SAT anxiety with this one.
8.  Shakespeare-41 plays, 154 sonnets, 6 poems, and much more.
9.  Studious-a great digital organizer to keep track of due dates for assignments, exams, etc.
10.World Atlas-the app in this article is not available in the US, but National Geographic has two.  See photo below:


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