Monday, March 25, 2013

Earth BEFORE Satellite Images:)

Today's student population has grown up with millions of images of earth from satellites and spacecrafts mapping out this solar system.  Yet, how many have ever explored images of the planet before the age of space exploration?

In teaching astronomy, technology, ecology, space exploration, photography, etc., this site would  offer a view of humanity's achievement over time in bringing the solar system (here Earth) directly into the classroom in vibrant detail and color. 

Potential Activities for students:

1.  Students could do timelines on the technological advances which led up to Google Earth for example.  They are very visual and students at any English proficiency level could complete the task with minimal assistance.

2.  More advanced students could look at the advantages the improved technology could offer as opposed to the very early images.  This could also be part of a biology course at middle school or high school.

3.  Multi-level groups in language ability could compare/contrast early images with current ones.  How are they different?  How do the improvements over time support the work of scientists, astronomers, ecologists, meteorologists, environmentalists, etc. ?

4.  For the highly creative, have them make projections as to how this technology will evolve in 50 years.

Common Core fits into this with ease.  Students are encouraged to read, analyze, project, synthesize, write, etc.  Teachers here facilitate.  Students create:)



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