Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 Great Vocabulary Sites That Will Make Informational Text More Accessible For Students:)

The vocabulary demands of informational text may pose some difficulty for struggling readers.  Having them use dictionaries to look up each and every word of the text is basically both a waste of time and a major distraction in the reading process.  Students will need to know that not EVERY word merits intense scrutiny. 

WORDLE--with this site, students will have two options on using the site.  They may either paste a passage in the space provided or the URL.  Choice of color and font are up to the student.  Once the create button is pushed, key words will appear in different sizes with the most prominent being the largest.  This tool will show students what would might merit more attention than others.  It is also a fun way to analyze text.

--here is a tool that will improve any vocabulary stretching activity.  Students enter the word they need a definition for and not only will the definition surface, but also synonyms and antonyms.  If students want to stretch their vocabulary for fun, just have them push the RANDOM button and the program will throw in some very unusual words in English.  Some may even surprise the teacher:)



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