Friday, January 4, 2013

Treasure Trove of Instructional Strategies to Deliver Content and Build Language for ELLs

As noted regularly in this blog, the implementation of common core based lessons will not mean ushering in new tools to accommodate student needs.  Instead, it will be a matter of tweaking the known to facilitate student access to the new.  Teachers will not have to re-invent the wheel here since probably 90% of the strategies which were used in the past will work just as well in delivering lessons aligned to common core lessons. 

Here is a PDF from the State Department of Education from Connecticut where a collection of some of the most common strategies have been compiled.  More likely than not, very few of these strategies are totally new to most educators.  They were effective in the past and will be even more so with the common core standards based lessons because they will be put to far more effective use than in the past.  Student accountability will move the forefront here.  Every student will be actively engaged in the lesson process.  Though this benefits students overall, it particularly scaffolds the attempts of English language learners to experience success in mastering the material. 

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES TO DELIVER CONTENT ACROSS CURRICULUM -- use this document as a starting point in reviewing favorite strategies.  See if there are any familiar strategies here.  See if there are any new ideas that look appealing and try them out. 



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