Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Classroom Management + Accessible Quality Instruction = Academic Success for ELLs

With the demands of delivering quality instruction based on the new Common Core Standards, teachers might need to hone their classroom management skills to fully engage all students in an orderly productive fashion to master the content material.  A willingness to try new approaches in this area has the potential of motivating all to want to succeed.  Self-confidence soars in a setting where every student has multiple opportunities to interact with the content.

So how might classroom management look like in this 21st century classroom with Common Core Standards?  It is one where students have multiple opportunities to share with partners their understanding of the key points of the lesson.  These interactions are very short and the teacher maintains control throughout.  Is the classroom a little noisier than usual?  Yes, but the noise is evidence of students trying to process the content in a low stress setting.

SEE THE POWER OF SOLID CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY INSTRUCTION--This 6 minute clip is just one example of how highly effective classroom management permits a teacher to deliver lessons.  The teacher use of all three learning styles in her lesson leaves no one out of the instructional process.  Her unique tools fully prep students for the focus of the lesson which is how to solve algebraic equations. 

Weave in some fun approaches in the class routines and see the grades improve:)



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