Monday, January 14, 2013

Solid Arguments For Teaching With iPads

iPads have revolutionized the American classroom.  From kindergarten through senior year of high school, iPads are turning up in ever increasing numbers.  In fact, iPad labs are now appearing in inner city schools as well as suburban ones.  Further, for the price of a smart board, teachers could purchase 5 iPads so one has to wonder if smart boards may eventually fall out of favor due to cost.

So what are the benefits of using iPads based on my experience?

1.  very student friendly (turn it on and use it immediately)
2.  thousands of free apps (and those apps that cost money are still inexpensive)
3.  cloud storage tools (less paper)
4.  easy storage (30 can be locked up in a big drawer)
5.  excites students about learning (many older students have smartphones so it is an easy transition to iPads)
6.  easy to differentiate lessons (students can approach a lesson from different levels based on their skill levels)
7.  great for project based team learning (give the team a project and watch them attack the project from multiple angles using their iPads).

In the video that follows, several teachers share specifics on how the use of this tool has energized their students in ways that they could never have envisioned a few years ago.  Note their enthusiasm.  Since seeing is believing, try to get administration to purchase one to explore initially.  Once when fully confident in the benefits of teaching with it, convince administration to buy a class set:) iPADS IN EDUCATION



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