Thursday, January 24, 2013

Incredible Tool To Scaffold Instruction Of ALL LEARNERS!

Every teacher in just about any teacher credential program over the last 57 years has had experience with Bloom's Taxonomy.  It provides teachers with support to provide quality instruction to students at levels moving from factual recall up through analysis/synthesis.  Using Bloom's taxonomy assists teachers in developing quality lessons that continually challenge students to eventually be able to tackle the more demanding assignments they will eventually encounter in college, the work force, and the university.  ELLs especially benefit from this since they do not always face as many of the same academically challenging questions as the native speakers.

 BLOOM'S TAXONOMY--21ST CENTURY EDITION  Well, with the arrival of the Common Core, teachers are now turning to an updated version of Bloom's which assists teachers in meeting the academic content and language needs of all their students with relative ease.  It offers a fresh way of engaging students in active learning without watering down content.  This is especially beneficial to ELLs who are often not in academically challenging classes until they have exited ELD classes.  Once the transition occurs, they are often at below average grade reading levels by 2-3 years so it becomes a constant game of "catch-up" which they often fail to accomplish. 

Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding, and Remembering (new levels of Bloom's Taxonomy)--There are iPad apps for each of those levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Students at every level of the learning process would find additional support in becoming more proficient at all those key academic skills that students must master to succeed academically.  They would not take the place of a teacher, but when teachers need to differentiate based on need, the iPad app could fit in with ease.

Consider this a brief recap on Blooms and see how it can assist in the planning of assessments, lessons, activities, and projects.



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