Friday, January 25, 2013

BLOOM'S TAXONOMY ACCORDING TO HOMER SIMPSON (Plus a Look at Creative Thinking in the Classroom)

BLOOM'S TAXONOMY AND HOMER SIMPSON  Here is a practical yet humorous look at the updated version of Bloom's through America's favorite cartoon family-THE SIMPSONS (here HOMER).  Though students might not fully appreciate the details here, teachers certainly will:)  Take note that each of the levels of Bloom's (including the new one of creativity) is in this video.  Share it with colleagues.

Now, in this next clip, the higher stages of Bloom's taxonomy are being applied in elementary school (1st-4th grade I believe).  Students are encouraged to explore, discuss, collaborate, analyze, etc. with the end goal of scaffolding student attempts to discover creative solutions to real life problems/situations.  Teachers layout the groundwork and let students create solutions.  Every student is actively involved in the learning process and enjoying every step along the way.  Actually, this looks quite a bit like COMMON CORE IN ACTION:)  BEST PRACTICES FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING:  STRATEGIES FOR CRITICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING   Further, every approach addressed in the video would easily apply to ANY grade level with ease!


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