Thursday, January 10, 2013

A TOP 10 List of iPAD APPs For Teachers!

Keeping up with the latest greatest free (or close to free) apps could be a challenge for full time teachers.  After all, there are so many hours in the day and those are generally set aside for developing quality lessons and grading.  So how does a teacher find quality apps with such time constraints? 

This blog has several posts on apps (just search within the blog for earlier posts on this subject).  Every app listed has been tried out for classroom use by either myself or colleagues who needed suggestions from me.  Each app is either free or a dollar or two.  This is one great feature of Apple's iPad market--teachers do not have to go broke buying class instructional apps for their students.

In this post, I have a few more great tech tools for the classroom:)  SCIENCE 360 is an outstanding resource for science classes at any grade level.  The visuals provide the crucial support students need to connect with challenging subject material.  Further since SCIENCE is like a second language for everyone, both ELLs and English only students will benefit from it.

SKITCH I have just started exploring.  Basically, it allows a teacher to add text and highlight images, webpages, and more.  This tool eliminates guessing on the part of the students since teachers have total control over what they enter on the selected resource.  Students could also draw on this tool when doing projects, presentations, reports, etc.  It is free.

TEACHER KIT I have blogged about in the past.  I use it every semester in my university classes since it is a far more organized way to keep track of grades than recording them manually.  With the end of the class, I need only save everything as an EXCEL document with just a click.  Attendance can also be kept and seating charts can be generated. 

SIMPLE MIND+ is a mind map (aka bubble graphic organizer).  I have seen some of my teacher credential candidates use this in their lesson plan projects.  Students benefit from seeing content laid out this way.  It helps them seen those vital connections which add context to any subject area that they are working on.  Further, if the school allows it, students can use their cell phones to take pictures of the finished products (aka "the new way to take notes").

SCREEN CHOMP I have not tried, but plan to play with it tomorrow.  I like the option to record lessons and notes for students to go back to as needed in trying to understand a lesson.  By the way, "playing with apps" is the advice of almost everyone with an iPad who uses it regularly.  If the app meets a need, it is saved.  If not, it is deleted. 

STAR WALK I paid for since I personally love astronomy as a hobby.  It was only $1.99.  The charts are accurate and easy to navigate.  If students like astronomy, this is a must-buy.

The other apps are geared to younger students (those learning to read). 


Enjoy the apps:)



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