Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interactive History Site from GOOGLE!

Google continues to amaze teachers in the incredible resources it offers for free to educators around the world.  History teachers will have at their fingertips a formidable collection of key historical world events from 1905 to late 20th century.  The pictures would supply accessible content accessibility for English language learners who often times don't quite understand everything discussed in class.  Such visuals also activate background knowledge for them.  Think of this as schema building.  The more information an ELL can bring from his/her past school or life experience to a lesson, the more likely it is that s/he will connect with the content and therefore do well.

Though Google's video on the features of the site is temporarily down, most teachers won't really need to refer to it since, as history teachers, they already have all the background knowledge necessary to navigate the site.  Using the incredible resources will put a face on the dry materials in the textbook.  The human side of history presented here will build a deeper understanding of the time periods and the issues people of the time had to struggle with.

Google is continuing to build on the site so bookmark it to return to periodically for updates.  GOOGLE CULTURAL INSTITUTE



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