Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Based Learning in FIRST GRADE Lays the Foundation for University Success Down the Road:)

Anyone who still doubts the effectiveness of implementing Common Core Standards in classrooms across the nation has not really paid much attention to how it has revolutionized instructional delivery in all grades.  CCSS attaches meaning to any lesson since it opens the door to real world application at every turn, in every subject area, and at every grade level.

An example of this revolutionary thinking is quite apparent in this video clip of first graders exploring topics of interest to them through the guidance of the teacher.  As the children present her with various animals they would like to study in depth in their classroom, she gently guides them to more practical choices without outright dismissal of their ideas.  This approach is one of validation of their thoughts and recognition of their efforts.  PROJECT BASED LEARNING IN FIRST GRADE

After the worm project, the door opens up to other interests of the students.  One of them relates to an illness a fellow student in their class suffers from-multiple sclerosis.  As they do the research on the disease, they explore avenues of discovery that would never have been approached in the traditional textbook.  It is incredible to see students so young taking on topics far beyond their typical first grade curriculum. 

Further their use of technology is incredible.  This is what teachers at all grade levels are trying to implement.  Students of the 21st century are already familiar with many forms of technology, but often times, schools don't have many tech tools due to budget constraints.  This must change if American students are to be prepared to enter the global workforce as equals.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.  Wow!  If they keep this up, they will all the major universities knocking on their door to admit them by the time they are in their junior year of high school:)



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