Friday, October 5, 2012

Great PRIMARY Learning Resources From UNC for All Content Areas and All Grades

As teachers adjust their lessons to meet the requirements of the common core standards, they will need to shift the reading demands from mostly fiction to mostly non-fiction.  It is a monumental change that will improve a student's chances of not just entering college, but actually graduating from it!  This shift in instructional focus has been one sought by universities for years, but changes in curriculum at the K-12 level take quite a bit of time to enact.

To ease the job of locating primary non-fiction sources, UNC (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) offers an incredible of supplemental materials covering all content levels and at all grade levels.  The digital documents collection is impressive.  If students are studying the Civil War, they will see photos of plantation homes along with slave cabins.  Are students studying the American Revolution?  If yes, there are documents which address this along with some of the broken promises on the part of the British to free any slave who fought with them.  This betrayal on their part left blacks to suffer even more at the hands of white plantation owners for fighting with the British.  There is so much more leading up and including the 2012 election.

Entering the 20th century?  Explore the video collection.  The clips are short (1-4 minutes) and support any instruction with ease.  These newsreels are primary sources as well and should make content even more accessible for ELLs since they will be able to make connections more easily with the visuals.   Teachers will also like the already prepared slide shows.  All are ready to bring into any lesson with ease. 

Again, for ELLs especially to thrive in the new common core classroom, they will need access to the instructional supports such as this one.




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