Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do You Have ELLs Looking to Expand Their Language Skills Outside of Class? Share ESL GOLD With Them:)

Every class has those few students who just never seem to tire of learning English.  This group will attempt anything the instructor offers and more.  Often times, this group will ask for more practice in any form.  For these students, motivation is never an issue.  Instead, the issue may be how to find just the right website where students at all 3 levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) will be challenged, but never bored or frustrated. 

ESL Gold is a site with a wide variety of options for students to select from.  They may also self-select the level of difficulty which is wonderful for those who feel confident enough to undertake more academically challenging materials. 

What is in the site?  Students will find activities in speaking (only this section needs a textbook while the others don't), listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, business, pronunciation, TOEFL (for ESL students overseas who wish to study in the U.S.),  and TOEIC  (measures the ability of non-native English-speaking examinees to use English in everyday).  Many of the options here are probably geared for 9th grade on though a few might work at middle school (ex. writing, vocabulary, etc.).  One suggestion I have here is provide a quick tour of what the site has and then let students gravitate to what they enjoy.  The reading comprehension section maintains a steady current flow of news articles on international stories.  There is no modification of language here though the difficulty of language seems to vary with the subject matter.

Though no site will ever replace quality teaching in class instruction, this one easily supplements it for those students who really wish to go beyond the class material on their own time (if your classroom has some computers in it, kids who finish work early could do additional practice here).  

ESL GOLD Hope they like the link:)



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