Monday, May 21, 2012

Will Common Core Standards Help ELLs? See What The GUARDIAN (U.K.) Thinks.

The U.S. is moving from individual academic core standards that varied from state to state to something like a national standard (for those states willing to participate) in all academic subjects.  It is a first for us, and one that offers a great deal of potential if school districts are supported so that teachers will be set up to experience success in implementing it.  Only 4 states elected not to take part:  Alaska, Virginia, Nebraska, and Texas.  The other 46 have embraced it.

LANGUAGE LEARNERS ARE "CORE" CONCERN (need for common core standards)  offers Great Britain's view on the matter and they see the same urgency many in the US feel.  As the language minority population grows here, schools must do more to raise high school graduation rates thereby offering students a chance to attend universities or technical colleges.  These students have the same right to aim for the American Dream that all the native speakers have.



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