Monday, May 21, 2012

Challenging Science Content Presented in Non-Traditional Layout---GAMES!

With the number of ELLs increasing at record numbers in the U.S., schools must make demanding core content materials accessible without watering them down.  Science classes have very challenging content which ELLs struggle with on a regular basis.  One support for teachers to use with them is the internet.

Here is a science academic game site which can be used as part of a lesson or for additional instructional support for ELLs when time permits in class (or to use at home if they have a computer and have access to the internet).  ACCESSING SCIENCE CONTENT THROUGH EDUCATIONAL GAMES  offers review game-like activities in evolution, plants, animals, bacteria, cells, DNA, ecology, fungi, etc.  When sites like this one are brought into a class with ELLs (or other struggling students), they provide more time for such students to better familiarize themselves with key vocabulary and major concepts.

With final exams fast approaching, this might be another way to assist students in preparing for their finals.



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