Friday, April 13, 2012

Math, Math, Math--Practical Applications to Real World;)

This site offers both explanations along with lots of practice in all areas of math. My favorite section was the one on MONEY. Here students are exposed to mortgage and credit card rates. For mortgages, students will learn why it may be financially wise to take a fixed rate loan as opposed to an ARM or worse yet and interest only loan. The same savvy should be applied to credit cards. If students learn about the true cost of using credit, they might limit their access of it since sometimes it can take many years to repay.

INTERACTIVE MATHEMATICS also has a math blog where archived materials are stored including VIDEOS and lessons. Though some of the videos seem a bit funny, they DO address math in ways that will work for students. The one on explaining miles per gallon was funny, but the mathematical point will be picked up with ease by kids. For ELLs such visuals help build vital content background knowledge which will assist them in solving math problems.

Math problems come with clearly explained answers. The site will never substitute for a teacher, but, for ELLs especially, they get the opportunity to see math problems from another vantage point. There is a math download software program to provide more practice for students, but it is free for only DAYS (trial).

The more practice you provide ELLs with to help them fully understand the concepts, the stronger their self-confidence will be in tackling state assessments and final examinations:)



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