Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can Physics Be Fun? Sure, With a Little Imagination:)

Often times, ELLs and others shy away from physics because they think it is too difficult. With the right teacher, nothing could be further from the truth. Good teachers think outside the box. Good teachers feel that every student can access the material with the right support or scaffolding. Such teachers build on the familiar so that students feel that they already know something about the topic.

describes the science in ways that would make it more accessible to ELLs than a textbook since it employs language that is comprehensible. Academic language runs throughout, but the passages are not densely presented in ways that textbooks usually do. Here the focus is on conveying the message without getting lost in the language. Once students get the main idea, they can accomplish the required tasks of any given chapter. This site therefore supplements classroom instruction. Here students will see proof that physics is everywhere and in every science:)

PHYSICS GAMES FOR KIDS here students have several opportunities to "play" with physics. Academic games are a must from time to time because they often times help to clarify student understanding. Pick a concept that students have studied and then with a partner have them work on a game. Once they complete the task successfully, have them explain how they did it. This can be done with a labeled drawing, in a learning log, or a detailed paragraph. Offer them options on expressing their success with the game with the understanding that key academic vocabulary addressed in class must be used in the description of their success.

offers free clips of physics in the real world. This information could easily be included in a lesson since the videos are presented in an experiment like format. For your struggler, such a clip might offer a "eureka" moment (and it is fun).

MORE PHYSICS FOR KIDS more games, videos, and LESSONS (along with quizzes and word searches) bring life to the subject for the non-physicist:) With time and fully accessible intriguing materials, ELLs will build the confidence to actually enjoy the science. Maybe they might be intrigued enough to consider a career in a physics-related field. You never know.

offers a look at possible careers in this science. If students can't see beyond the classsroom, they will never know what the future could possibly hold for them with the right degree. Here students will discover real world problems in the area of physics along with solutions. Practical applications present a clearer picture of all that a career in physics has to offer. Students may find out that the solutions that they might dream up are workable!

I hope your students enjoy the post:)



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