Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get Students Excited About SPACE!!!!

NASA's SPACE PLACE will delight kids of all ages. Teachers will find information on all aspects of space presented in a variety of formats with each approach peaking the interest of any student.

Here is information on the sun, earth, the solar system, people and technology. The images here are breathtaking! The activities cover a fairly wide range from coloring pages for the young to building a moon habitat for older students---basically something for everyone:)

Of course, there are also lots of games and puzzles which are guaranteed to keep students occupied mastering academic/content language with ease. Many of the activities involve constructing objects related to science such as the physics machine! This machine requires very little in the way of resources, but careful attention to detail is needed if the machine is to work properly. NASA FOR KIDS

Share the site with parents as well. They will enjoy exploring the solar system with their children.



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