Saturday, March 10, 2012

Carl Sagan's COSMOS--He Demystified the Universe For All of Us:)

Back in 1980, Dr. Carl Sagan launched this video masterpiece on the origin of the cosmos. He took the intensely academic and made it accessible for the non-scientist. Watching this series was akin to having a blindfold removed on a bright sunny day! It was truly an awesome experience searching through the cosmos from one's living room. The explanations were laymen friendly (but informative) and students from elementary through university were glued by their television sets every week waiting in high anticipation for the next episode.

In your science lesson on the solar system, you might want to include a few clips from the series to provide background knowledge for your ELLs. The visuals usually stimulate prior knowledge for them and that means that your lessons will give you the desired results:)


I hope you enjoy it:)



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