Thursday, February 23, 2012

Origami and Math--A Natural Fit:)

Wouldn't it be great for kids to see that geometry can be fun? How about showing them the connection with art? Won't they be amazed to learn how knowing angle measurements are a must to generate paper wonders of art?

When teachers include fun elements to subjects that may at times seem dull, they change student attitudes:) Math with a purpose can be fun. Giving students activities that will stay with them such as origami may alter their perspectives on the subject and that leads to their developing a "can do" attitude on the subject.

For ELLs, creating origami projects builds academic vocabulary. Here ELLs will develop a knowledge of all the geometric shapes used in this art. With this information, they will naturally learn about the need to pay attention to the angle sizes needed to successfully generate the objects in the video below.

Another plus for ELLs is that they will probably be working on these projects in small groups or with partners. In such a low anxiety setting, they will acquire more language as they try to create the project assigned to them. It may also happen that your ELL may already be familiar with origami but not the math behind it. With prior knowledge on the HOW, the ELL will be now ready to explore the WHY.





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