Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free Library of Worksheets and Instructional Resources for Teachers of ELLs:)

Leave it to teachers to put together a website like this:) The site offers an incredible variety in the basic language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Membership to access the materials is required, BUT it is FREE to join:)

Their section on writing essays was quite thorough. The explanations as to how to write the various essay types are geared to teachers of any discipline. Most times, the explanations are geared to teachers of English (English literature/language arts), but not here. They are written in a friendly manner and therefore accessible to a teacher of any discipline.

There is also a wide selection of posters that teachers submitted to be shared. Some of them are subject specific, others inspirational, others fun, etc. As a member, you can enlarge most of them and print them out with ease. The ones that don't fill up your screen entirely, you can print out and have enlarged at any copy center if you wish to keep the vivid colors.

As far as worksheets go, they are all teacher designed (and, as a member, YOU may submit your own worksheets to share with others). It seems that any teacher of ELLs (aka ESL students) will find the ready-to-go materials a major asset for both students who need more practice as well as those who wish to be challenged.

The site also contains some creative teacher tips. This month offered 10 great sources for real listening practice. Each suggestion is one that can easily be implemented in any classroom-guest speakers, another teacher, radio, TV commercials, etc. Hearing English spoken by many different people in many different situations boosts their listening skills.


I hope this site helps make your job a little easier:)



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