Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thanks to PBS You Can Bring The WORLD Into Your CLASSROOM With a Click!

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) has created quite an educational resource center for grades 7-12 and their teachers. Here you will find current events in the US, World, Science, Economics, Health, and Arts/Media. Students also have the opportunity to submit articles for possible inclusion as well as to read the submissions of students from around the country.

What about teachers? How about a choice of top news videos of the week on a wide variety of topics? Yes, it is all here. Select the subject area you wish to research and then submit the specific topic you need for your lesson. You can download them with ease. Since there is no YouTube connection, you will have no problem showing them in school districts where YouTube can not be accessed. Further, you can select already prepared lessons on EVERY topic listed (National Standards guide the lesson content). If the topic is current, you will find easy to access lessons by just using the search button. If it is an event (in any subject) from an earlier period, just search the archives for that topic.


I hope you and your students enjoy the site:)



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